Did I ever tell you about the time....

Did you meet a Pop Star once? Is it a dull story? Stand up straight and tell the rest of the class

My friend could not tie Henry Rollins’ shoelaces

Columbia South Carolina circa 1986 - My friend and I happened to catch Black Flag at one of the dive bars. Despite the tiny venue and it being packed, we managed to work our way up to the front of the stage.

During one song, “Slip it In”, I believe, Henry was screaming into the mic, teetering off the edge of the stage, and that’s when my friend had a brilliant idea: For reasons unbeknownst to me (and Henry), my friend tried to tie Henry’s shoe laces together.

Henry instinctively kicked my friend squarely in the mouth. Looking at my friend with blood streaming out of his mouth and a cracked-tooth gaping smile, I then turned backed to see Henry staring at me grinning quite evilly.

by Steve

I saw James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem carrying groceries.

by warmandpunchy

My and my Mom travelled on public transport with one of The Editors

A few years ago my mom and I were tourists in London. We took the Northern Line and sat next to two guys talking. The one sitting next to me was Editors’ singer Tom Smith and I heard they were going to the movies in Leicester Square.

I asked for a picture before getting off the train and my mother then asked me “Do you often take pictures with random English men in the subway?”

by iampippakies


I high-fived Perry Farrell after dancing near Paris Hilton

During Girl Talk’s set at Coachella a few years ago, people started bum rushing the stage so I climbed up and danced until security cleared everyone off, except for his celeb entourage which included Paris Hilton. As I walked off the stage, a familiar looking guy walked towards me so I smiled, raised my hand and said “How’s it going!” He firmly met my high-five, grinned back and replied “Good!” Then I did a double-take and realized it was Perry Farrell.

by rxbeckett

I didn’t interrupt Bob Geldof’s interview

Bob Geldof was being interviewed on the street in Covent Garden. This was 15 years after Live Aid, so I can’t imagine what the questions were about, though Bob answered with fervor. I decided not to interrupt the filming to ask for an autograph or to point out that he was Bob Geldof being interviewed on the street in Covent Garden. Instead I crossed over and went looking for that shop that sells maps.

by Paulruta

I Mistook Bloc Party for Hipsters

I directed Shaun Ryder to first class

I talked about Middle Eastern music with Peter Gabriel

My ex-girlfriend worked for Virgin in New Zealand about 18 years ago when I was living there. She got us backstage after Peter Gabriel’s concert, of whom she was a massive fan. We got to hang out with him for at least two minutes and I said “I really like your soundtrack to Passion - it introduced me to Middle Eastern music” and he said “Yeh, I quite like that one too”. My girlfriend just stared at him the whole time totally speechless. Somebody took a photo of the 3 of us together but I’ve lost my copy. 

by monkeyrecords