Did I ever tell you about the time....

Did you meet a Pop Star once? Is it a dull story? Stand up straight and tell the rest of the class

I was once in a lift with Lyle Lovett

One evening circa 1997, I am going up in an elevator with Lyle Lovett at the Ritz Carlton in Cleveland Ohio.  There are just the two of us in the elevator and Lyle is facing me. He is a strange looking guy, and he has very cool pointy shoes. Musicians often have cool shoes. The elevator arrives at my floor and I get out. 

We never spoke. 

by Shaun

Nick Cave asked me if I had any drugs

I had just come out of the porta-potty at Lollapalooza, 1994. I saw Nick Cave so I thought I’d thank him for all the great music. He asked me if I knew where he could get any drugs.

I said No.

by Mark B.

Joe Perry could not help me

We had tickets to see Joe Perry’s solo project in MPLS, but it turned out you had to be 21+ to get in. Just as we realized our predicament, we turned a corner and bumped into Mr. Perry himself.  We explained the situation, but he said there was nothing he could do.  He didn’t really seem to care. Can’t blame him.

I think my friend had him sign something.

by Blind Lucky

I saw Paul Weller walking with his kid

Last summer, I was drunk walking around Maida Vale in London with my friends. I was wearing all these mod badges and such.

I saw Paul Weller walking the street opposite with his son. I gaped at him. And he kind of glared at me.

Then I felt really rude and went into a nearby pub.

by stopandsayhello

George Harrison signed my mate’s Beatles LP

A friend of mine was in Japan in 1991 and saw George Harrison at his hotel. So he went out and bought a Beatles LP and waited in the foyer trying to look casual. Harrison came back in after few hours and my mate got him to sign the record. Harrison signed all four Beatles’ names, despite Lennon being long dead, and my friend was too confused to say anything to him before he went into the elevator.

by Zazen

Through No Effort Of My Own, I Crossed Paths With Michael Jackson Twice

My wife and I were in line for a ride at Disney World when we heard a commotion nearby.  I looked to see what was up and saw a Jheri curled guy moonwalking and told my wife it was just some Michael Jackson impersonator. Then someone said something to the kid running the ride who freaked out and told everyone the ride was closed and to come back in an hour.  The next day we learned it was the real Michael and that the reason we had to split was so he could take the ride free from scumbags like us.  

Oddly, a year later we were at Uncle Fun when I noticed a bunch of photo booth pics of Michael Jackson on the counter.  When I inquired I was told he had just visited the store that morning.

by Lo-Fi Jnr

I annoyed Steve Bays of Hot Hot Heat

A few years back, I was walking with my friends through the streets of Vancouver. As we passed by a curly-haired gentleman on a crosswalk, I somehow realized it was Steve Bays, the singer of Hot Hot Heat.

I’ve always disliked their song “Bandages” so I sang a line from the chorus in an imitative voice. Not nice I know, but I was drunk.

He just glanced at me with an annoyed expression and went his merry way.

by noth1ngness

I talked to Liz Phair on the phone

When I was 16, I worked at a local nursery for the summer.

One day when I was working the cash register, I picked up the phone and the caller asked if we could send a nurseryman over, as all her plants had died while she was on tour.

Before I transferred her call, I asked her name and she replied, “Liz Phair.”

by gregruben

I pointed out the stage door to Clarence Clemons

In the early ‘80’s I drove a laundry truck on a regular route that passed the side of the Capital Theatre in Passaic NJ.

One day I was there waiting in traffic when I noticed Clarence Clemons and entourage looking a little lost. I shouted out and pointed at the stage door 15 yards down the street from where he stood. He nodded thanks as the traffic moved on.

by Greg

I didn’t offer Joey Kramer a ride

I saw Joey Kramer of Aerosmith trying to hail a cab in NYC.

I thought, “I should stop and offer him a ride.”

I didn’t.

by @joeohsee