Did I ever tell you about the time....

Did you meet a Pop Star once? Is it a dull story? Stand up straight and tell the rest of the class

I turned my back on Nick Oliveri

I was walking down the street and Nick Oliveri was walking towards me, talking on his mobile phone.  I stared at him and then, to hide my gawking, simply turned and faced the other way. Which left me looking at a wall.  

Nick Oliveri did not appear to notice.

by mondaynightnothing

I trod on Rick Witter’s foot

After the Heineken Festival at Roundhay Park, Leeds in 1995, most people decamped to the Cock of the North club in town. As if being in a taxi that had been occupied by Jarvis Cocker just ten minutes earlier wasn’t enough, the club was full of rock stars of the day.
My mate spotted Johnny from the band Menswear and started giving him the glad eye. This so amused me I failed to notice Rick Witter of Shed Seven standing behind me. I stepped back and stood on his foot.
Despite apologising profusely his face said it all: I had failed to notice him (well, he is quite tiny)

by Caroline

I had pizza with Ice T

In 2003, I was having an argument with my now ex-wife in a NYC pizza shop when Ice-T and CoCo came in for a slice.

He was telling her about a new project he was working on. He was excited, kid-like. I stopped arguing with the now ex to say hi to Ice T. He switched on his gangster persona and signed my NYC guide book.

Book signed, tourist (me) away from his table, and he was back to plain old Tracy Lauren Marrow just talking with his wife.

by Kenny Johnson

I didn’t shake MJ Cole’s hand

I went to a garage night in Camden to see MJ Cole DJ. I got there too early and got tremendously drunk.

I realised I was too drunk to stay before MJ had even turned up, so I headed to leave. I went to the loo on my out.

While at the urinal I turned to the guy next to me and realised who he was.

"Are you MJ Cole? Oh my god, I’m such a fan, love your mixes and totally love your productions. You’re a real inspiration" all slurred at the urinal, both of us cocks in hand and mid-stream.

He said “Cheers” before adding, “I won’t shake your hand.”

by Rui

I didn’t make a shirt for Noel Gallagher

I used to work in a shirt tailors in Jermyn Street, London. 

One Thursday Noel Gallagher walked in and said “Can you make me a sixties style shirt for Saturday?”

I replied “No, sorry, it’s too soon.”

He said pleasantly “Okay, thanks.” and walked out.

I don’t know if he had any luck elsewhere.

The shop also made Jarvis Cocker’s shirt for his wedding. But I didn’t work there then so that’s not my story to tell. 

by Hugh

I met George Clinton in an elevator when I was 6

I was staying in a hotel in Washington D.C. on a family vacation when I was 6. Mom allowed me to go down a floor to get ice from the ice machine and I saw George Clinton with two Nation of Islam body guards in the elevator.

I knew it was him because PCU was running on Comedy Central. I said, “You’re George Clinton”. The two body guards laughed hysterically because I was a doe eyed, tiny white kid.

George replied, “Damn Right”.

by Andrew

I did not take a photo of Lenny Kravitz

I meant to take a picture of Lenny Kravitz but accidentally took a picture of me and my buddy looking all excited because we saw Lenny Kravitz.

Because sometimes your phone does that thing when the camera is flipped because you wanna take a selfie.

by Michael V

I told Wayne Coyne that he looked just like that guy from the Flaming Lips.

I went to show at small venue in Oklahoma City and Wayne Coyne was there to see the band. He was dressed in one of his off-white—unmistakably Wayne Coyne.  On my way to the restroom I stopped and said “You know you look just like that guy from the Flaming Lips?”  He just kind of grinned at me for a moment.  He was really into the band.

by Case

I saw Roland Gift on Hull High Street

It must have been 1985. My mate Claire and I followed Roland Gift down the street - we thought he was fit. He rang a buzzer and went into a flat. We didn’t wait because it was a bit cold.

by Sarah